Women’s Day Celebration with Wade Blackford at Kevin Murphy’s launch

Hey you guys, what has been brewing in so far? A lot has been happening at our end and we are super glad to tell you all about it. So last week, on women’s day Kevin.Murphy India had planned an exclusive afternoon to celebrate #KMwomensday at their own academy along with Wade Blackford, Design Director – Asia Pacific & Middle East for Kevin Murphy to learn the secret of keeping your hair healthy and strong! Such an amazing though in the first place, because every women on this earth has hair problems, however gorgeous her hair look.

Kevin.Murphy an Australian born line, naturally inspired and derived from botanicals indigenous is a fashion-focused salon-only, professional haircare brand. Founded by internationally renowned stylist, Kevin Murphy, the eponymous brand’s hair care products are born from the philosophy of delivering performance, inducing strength and promoting longevity. The products are designed to seamlessly nurse damaged unruly hair back to health — locking in moisture and shine without weighing down the style factor. (Omg!! The best gift for women’s day! There is more to it.. go ahead..)

Kevin Murphy is recognized as an industry innovator, and its products have received numerous awards worldwide. The brand shares cutting-edge style through modern technology – straight from the runways of the world to the salon floor, from hair artisan to consumer. With a presence in over 49 countries, its products are sulphate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free. All packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Yes you read that correct. Even the packaging is recyclable and also is super cute.

But Who Is Wade Blackford?

He is a KEVIN.MURPHY Design Director for Asia Pacific and Middle East. Wade has been lucky enough to work with many high profile stylists during his 20 years in the industry and has mentored numerous stylists in salons and directed many at Fashion Week events.

So What happened at the event?

Super fun! Personalized consultation from Wade Blackford himself and got myself mini murphies according to what is most required to nourish my hair at this moment. @wadeblackford styled my hair himself!!!

See what he has to say about me!! (Love! Love! Love!)

So talking about the products 

 The way Kevin products are suggested to be used are using the shampoo in the first place to get rid of the dirt from the hair. I have a normal scalp with thin hair, and hence Wade suggested me LUXURY RINSE. This is a really effective product if you have a scalp that requires wash after every 2-3 days, as it tends to get oily. Then we go for the treatment, to nourish and re-nourish the hair, getting back the life in them, for this Wade suggested we use BORN AGAIN, so that the hair feel more voluminous after the wash  and then we go for a conditioner which is YOUNG AGAIN which makes sure that the treatment stays in the hair for a longer time and makes the hair feel and look younger.

Now after that if you want to style your hair, let the hair dry completely or blow dry them if you are running short of time, and then use the ANTI GRAVITY just before you are about to style your hair, and you are going to thank me later for this. It is so light that it does not even feel, that if you have put something on your hair. It will not make the hair dry or stiff, rather the hair damage due to styling can be avoided to a great extent using this product.

Next in is this Anti Gravity Hair Spray, which is to be used just after styling is complete, to make sure it stays. Unlike other sprays it does not make the hair stiff. Perfect for for an party looks over consecutive days, wherein washing your hair daily is not possible.

So I just tried these products, and below is a picture after i just used these products. The hair are so shiny!

Here is how the hair feel, so voluminous and shiny!

The Street Stalkers take …..

What Is It (basically)?

An International Hair Care brand Kevin Murphy.

Who Is It For?

If you are living on this earth, and are able to read this post, then they are for you. (Basically, all people of all ages, gender and social strata)(Especially if you like to pamper your hair)

Why Should You Go For It?

Because their products are cruelty-free and paraben-free.

What Did We Like the most?

The shapes of the bottles. Damn quirky.


What Could Be Better?


Availability on more stores and online portals.

So, We’re Saying...

They are a definitive try for your hair. Available on nykaa!




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