Why you should own atleast one pair of crocs!!!

If you are a person like us, who does a lot of running and jumping around, across the day, and feels quite irritated if you don’t have comfortable pair of footwear, then you are at the right place.

Yes, a pair of crocs is what you need.

They have a pair for each of your moods, for any age group that you belong to, and whether you are male or a female, or if you live on the land or in water. (oh no, I did not mean to say that you are an amphibian) but yes crocs are the only pair of footwear that you would love to wear while on land, and while in water.

This brings me to the first and foremost reason of why a Crocs is the best pair of footwear you will ever end up buying. Actually let me just list down all the reasons for you, to ensure by the end of reading this article, that you buy a paid for yourself.

  • Lightest Shoes

Yes a pair of crocs is just 0.400kg, yes, not even a Kg weight. Imagine you feeling so light and easily you can do all the hopping around and jumping as much as you can.

  • Work both on Land and Water

I bought myself my first pair, when I went to Goa, and wanted something really easy to wear, yet comfortable in water and on land. I wanted to travel light on luggage, so I could carry only one pair of footwear with me, and I am so glad, I took along my crocs. My trip was super awesome, and comfortable with these awesome shoes.

  • Varied Designs

Crocs not only come just in their typical clogs, but have not expanded to a huge set of 120 designs to choose from, ranging from literide shoes to clogs and to various other stylist flats for women. They have a separate range to cater kids and additionally cute accessories for them to style their shoes according to their own personalities. 

As soon as I returned from my Goa trip, the first thing I did was, bought a pair of Crocs for each of my family members.

  • Most Comfortable

In my 25 years of survival on this earth, truly these are the most comfortable shoes that I ave even owned or worn. These feel so light and which is why there is also no chance of a shoe bite. (Yeah girls, I feel you bro!)

  • Long Lasting & Minimal Maintenance

I think with one such investment in these shoes, you good to go for another 5 years or even more. These shoes require just one normal wash, and they are all new again. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Stylish

Apart the iconic clogs and their high selling literide shoes, they have a huge collection of other shoes to choose from and all the designs are worth to drool for.
Isn’t being stylish and comfortable the ultimate goal we all have?

So hop over to CrocsIndia and get yourself an amazing pair soon. And incase you are willing to win a year long supply of crocs for free, yes you read that right, an year long free supply of crocs, then all you need to do is,

  1. Pair up your crocs in a unique style and upload your picture on Instagram with the #comeasyouare and tag @crocsindia.
    The most uniquely styled pair of crocs will help the person win an year long supply of Crocs.

Hurry hurry.

Toodles and keep stalking,

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