Who are we?

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We were Strangers in the same city, became FRIENDS and later Best Friends on Facebook, Yes that exactly where and how we met.

Here’s a bit more information about us:

A computer engineer by profession. Love for Travel, Food, Fashion, Apparel & Photography gets me here to you. I haven’t traveled much and don’t know if I ever will, but it’s a dream to see travel the world, and have crazy experiences. I believe in living life by pursuing what you love and giving in your best at whatever you do.

An Electronics Engineer by profession. I am an absolute fitness freak and photography geek . It’s my dream to see travel the world, and have crazy experiences of course with this chick. I only believe in living life king size. No compromises. Not over yourself at least.

The Street Stalkers

Write to us at : streetstalkerblog@gmail.com