Things to do in Life.

  1. Join a theatre
  2. Join an NGO
  3. Go on an all girls trip
  4. open a small cafe and extend it to a franchise
  5. join a dance class
  6. a trip every month
  7. buy a new gadget
  8. fit into jean size 26
  9. try an adventure sport every quarter
  10. donate blood every three months
  11. reduce the belongings as much as we can.
  12. make an art decor/diy every week
  13. give a speech as a blogger/ youtuber
  14. attend a wedding of a different culture
  15. have the numbers on instagram and youtube growing always.
  16. learn to drape a sari
  17. gift new pholne to mommy & papa
  18. visit vaishno devi
  19. take part in a street dance
  20. master nail art
  21. Learn a new language
  22. learn to drive a car
  23. barge / crash into a wedding
  24. takepart in a flashmob
  25. go on a road trip
  26. get rid of all flaws

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