India Runway Week Season 10 – Spring Summer Collection – Day 1

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Today I am writing about the India Runway Week Season 10 – Spring Summer Collection, that we attended a few days ago. It was our first ever Fashion Show that we attended. And Guys, it was amazing. We met so many new people, saw the incredible works of so many designers. I believe there were around 40 upcoming designers with there amazing collection.

I am pretty sure most of you, might not know about the India Runway Week. So before I explain anything else, let us know what India Runway Week was all about.

India Runway Week is Asia’s youngest fashion trade event. Each season of the much-awaited IRW introduce new talent and places young Indian designers firmly on the global fashion stage. IRW provides a platform for both established and upcoming talented designers but also introduce fresh designers to showcase their collections. This gives them excellent business opportunities from both bulk and retail buyers. In

Addition to facilitating the exchange of ideas and networking interactions between designers, buyers and affiliates, the event provides an enriching experience for everyone

The Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) hosted the extremely anticipated tenth season of India Runway Week at The DLF Place Saket, New Delhi. Country’s third largest fashion event commenced with high spirit in the capital from April 20, 2018, and put up a spectacular display of the hottest trends to watch out for by some of the renowned and newgen designers. The show had Bollywood & Television Divas.

The Indian Federation for Fashion Development is an organisation which provides the opportunity for fashion industry members, both new and old, to create networks that will facilitate action and inspire industry growth. IFFD provide useful & up-to-date information to keep the industry on top of what is happening locally and abroad, to make it more competitive and to encourage a thirst for quality education.

IFFD provides a marketing platform for all within the industry; from the student who want to share her talent to the household names we have come to know and love. By increasing local and international awareness of Indian brands and talent, IFFD hope to inspire increased demand and brand loyalty. With these primary directives IFFD hope to assist in creating a positive knock on effort that will facilitate job creation and growth for the industry.

The first day of India Runway Week spring/summer 2018 started out with International Designer Bibi Russell who opened the show, showcasing her fascination with handspun and hand-woven fabric.

Bollywood Fame Nusrat Barucha & Indian Television Actress Asha Negi sizzle on the ramp as designer showcase their collection

The show opened with the designs of International Designer Bibi Russell  under the name of “Rajasthali”. The day one of the India Runway Week was high on creativity, where experienced designers ruled the ramp, the newbies were also not far behind.

The names of the 1st day designers were Bibi Russell, Ridha by Rohit Arora, Varsana by Vandana Jaju & Aditi Jaju, Soniya Chandorkar, Nazila Sawhney, Aditi Aggarwal and last but not the least James Ferriera.

Bibi Rusell showcased her collection under the name of Rajasthali by Bibi Rusell in New Delhi at IFFD’s India Runway Week Summer 2018 for the third time. Her entire collection is made from this handspun and hand-woven fabric diversified by art and design intervention to be made more suitable for the modern context. Her collection had all shades of Black & white in cotton, ecological & khadi. Everything she represented is handmade in Rajasthan with matching jewelry and shoes. Her collection includes lots of Tunic, Wrap Pants, Harem Pants and others. Khadi is not merely a piece of cloth, but a way of life. Bibi Russell, the celebrated designer from Bangladesh who brought the humble gamchha to the international runway, has for the last few years directed her focus on working for the heritage crafts of Rajasthan.

Ridha by Rohit Arora presented- “A Day In the Garden” The collection’s landscape is adorned by the botanical embroidery engraved on subtle mix of colours like pink , blues , green etc.  From the brides bouquet to the beautiful centerpieces few people realize the time, effort, and consideration that goes into the planning of a wedding. The floral patterns and arrangements into a garment are just one part of the battle. Silhouettes are their label’s signature styles. All garments had a play of intricate hand embroidery using AARI, ZARDOZI ETC.  Their collection belongs to all those women who lives in the world of beauty, no matter what shape or size, she feels confident in her skin.

Varsana by Vandana Jaju & Aditi Jaju presented “The Window”, in broader term signifies the scenic view outside ones window on a summer morning. Beautiful flowers shining towards the sun, rustling leaves, branches of trees and the singing birds, create a story line of their collection.  The palette of the collection descends through a range of bright as well as soothing spectrum of colors, perfect for a summer wardrobe. Over All the collection is a mix of classic silhouettes crafted with intricate colourful embroidery. Dimensions of which are captured in delicately sculptured gowns, dresses, kurtas, lengha etc. Painstakingly crafted to mark an excursion of patterns overlaid with intricate and innovative surfaces.

 Soniya Sanchi showcased “Lucknowi Chikankari” a symbol of elegance, class, tradition & a heritage with a touch of Mukaish work.   *Mukaish*- an almost forgotten craft beautifies the Chickenkari work by its signature embroidery. When paired with Chickenkari it revamps and elevates the creation to a whole new level of chic and class. Also Sonnets of nature are threaded onto lights with combination of Banarasi brocade, rich skills & exquisite fabric flaunting the crafts of India. Motifs of Flowers, creepers, birds, foliages all scenic gifts of nature come together weaving their magic into intricate tonal stories on the fabric. Television Diva Asha Negi walked the ramp for designer Soniya Sanchi. Asha looks fabulous in her designs.

Nazila Swahney presented “Cover Girl” -the story of a young Afghan Girl. An orphan refugee whose piercing eyes shook the world when it appeared in the cover of the National Geographic’s in 1985. Without a name, she became known as the “Afghan Girl”, the uncertainty and fear in her eyes stood for thousands of Afghan children.

Kavita Aggarwal’s collection was Ode to Pietra Dura an ancient decorative art form, often referred to as ‘paintings in stone’, Pietra Dura was once fostered by kingdoms as far apart in time and location as Romans and Moghuls. Her bridal collection is a tribute to Pietra Dura’s vivacity and a captivating look into new application for this age-old art form. The embroidery in her ensembles is a replication of Pietra Dura motifs – not so much in technique as in aesthetics. As crossover fashion doesn’t merely adorn a wearer, it transforms her, she dedicate this Indo-western fusion to the modern Indian woman, who’s rooted in traditions, yet open to fresh explorations. Bollywood Fame Nushrat Bharucha sizzled the ramp for designer Kavita Aggarwal and look beautiful in designer’s outfit.


We’ ll wrap this up here, with the closing of the day 1. More in the upcoming blogs.

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