Improve your life #3

  1. Stay away from anger, it hurts only you.
  2. If you are right, then there is no need to get angry.
  3. And if you are wrong then u didn’t have any right to get angry.
  4. Patience with Family is love.
  5. Patience with others is respect.
  6. Patience with self is Confidence and patience with God is faith.
  7. never think hard about past, it brings tears.
  8. Don’t think more about the future, it brings fear.
  9. Live the moment with a smile, it brings cheer.
  10. Every test in our life makes us bitter or better.
  11. Every test comes to break us or make us.
  12. The choice is ours whether we become victims or victorious.
  13. Beautiful things are not always good but good things are always beautiful.

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