Dear MoM & DaD #1

Dear Mom & Dad,

For all the things you know, and think that we don’t know, is a total bluff.
You know, only what the kids choose to tell you.
You think, that we don’t know what you don’t tell us? We know everything you don’t tell us, maybe ever more, but even we choose not to tell you.
Because you never wanted to bridge the gap between our generation and your generation.
We have to live in our generation, else the FOMO will kill us, but we still tried a lot, to tell you so many things, but received only buts and no and whys in answer. Our generation is a rebel. We dont stand nos.
You had a chance to match up to our generation, you will not be missing out on anything from your generation, but you did not choose to make any effort. You wanted a parent-child relationship of the 70s and the 80s that you were brought up in.
If you think, what ever is going on about the blog, and shaadi issues, Ishant does not know about it, then its not true. He knows everything, but chooses to behave more maturely than you. He chooses not to make a issue of something which is not a issue.
Keeping a cook, according to you, is not a good thing. Such dumb reasons you give to a generation like ours. All my friends have cooks, they have no blog or side business to look forward to, still want just to chill after work.
I have to look after a separate source of income also, and yet your mindset has the audacity to ask me, to keep the toil and ruin my mental peace to fire the cook and cook by myself.
You have a tendency to create stress about things that do not exist.
You don’t try to understand our perspective. You are running in the wrong race. It was valid in your time, not in our time.
Your experience and perception of things and narrow minded thinking makes us feel caged.
We cannot live in such an environment. Which is why this distance.

You are wrong, and only time will make you realise this.

Much Love or may be frustration
Your overly restricted child.

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