Book Review : What was my Fault? by Aziz Padiwala

True Love never has a happy ending… this is what we have heard from the folk tales since ages. Romio-Juliet, our very own Heer-Ranjha, and many such examples.. Raj and Simran then changed the history a little bit.. But did it change the notion of true love we have?

Do we still think, that true love never has a happy ending..? Well in my opinion Stereotyping a notion on the basis of a few examples is not the right choice.

Each Love Story is unique and has its own set of good and sad moments.

A Love Story has a complete aspect to it, once you get married. A new set of responsibilities, a new roller coaster ride altogether. It is such a new experience of life.

To keep the spark in your relationship alive and to keep a relationship healthy, both partners need to be cognizant of their acts, love acceptance and so much more is needed to keep it going. It is a two way process, you always give without the expectation of being at the receiving end.

IMG_0823Imagine the emotional havoc you go through, when even after you giving more than what you should and you can, your relationships fails, fails miserably, despite your uncountable efforts to save it. And with the end of that relationship, you also end a part of yourself with it, a part that sleeps forever and never wants to be awakened or seen or felt again.

Years after when that part of your soul is again woken with new hopes, yet to be thrashed again, at the hands of this cruel society. There is yet another emotional turmoil that awaits you.



Once such love story I came across, through the book What was my Fault? – By Aziz Padiwala,  was of Farhan and Zoya. Set in the year 2014, an experience of a young man in his late twenties who has lost every emotional war in his life. He blames himself and is always on edge. He is losing the last remaining shred of hope of finding true love, when he comes across a girl who changes everything. Suddenly, his entire world turns upside down and his happiness knows no bounds. He has probably found love again. To be in love is the best thing in life. Its a surreal experience. But like every other aspect of his life, his relationship is twisted in more ways than one. This time, however, he has to decide whether he was to be blamed? Or had there been something else ruining it all along?

You definitely need to read this book, to find out more about how life of Farhan turns out, finally.


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