A Dream Come true for a Cricket Fan !!

Hey you guys!!

I am so excited to share this with you already!

I havegrown up watching Cricket ever since my Childhood, and have always enjoyed Cheering for India & I guess most of us Indians love cricket, it indeed runs through our blood.

I remember my good old school days when even after coming back tired and exhausted from my exam, I used to be still excited and enthralled to to grab the TV remote watch my Favorite Cricket Team play, instead of considering to sleep or to preparing for my next exam.
I have in my memory clearly, not dared to miss watching a match, be it a Test, One Day or a T-20 Series.
Yes you can call me a true Die-hard cric-fan!!

Times have now progressed & so has this game with new kinds of matches apart form the regular world cups etc coming into picture. All of us are well ardent fans of IPL(Indian Premier League), arn’t we?
We Indians love cricket, so much so that we have brought all the fancy players from across the Globe to play.

Yes IPL is the most excited series of the year.

T-20 has always been my favorite as I would see alot of exciting twist & turns in the match. And now IPL is indeed the current favorite, as players across the globe unite together for a match-series making it even more happening.

With Crazy Huge Opening ceremonies, Stadiums full of crowds cheering their teams, colorful jersies for the players & fancy names for all the teams, its indeed no less than a festival for a cricket fan like me.

Out of all the teams, my inclination has always been towards KXIP (Kings XI Punjab) This may also be because that I am a true punjabi inside out.

Always, Cheering for my home team & supporting them right from my home was really exciting but I always wished if I would be ever able to see the match live inside the stadium.

Finally my dream came true. !!!

I got to see my team play live in the Stadium.!!

I finally got a Chance to witness a match live inside the stadium & that too with Access to All the Stands, Pavilion & Premium Lounges.
Oh yeah, I have been lucky.

Yes Guys, you heard it right!! Access to everything means ‘TO EVERYTHING’ which was like a Dream Come True for a die heart Cricket Fan like me.
All thanks to @DNA ENTERTAINMENT NETWORKS – The leading event Planners in the Entertainment & Sports Industry with Big Names Associated with them.
This Company has one of the finest management teams for Event Planning & Hospitality.

Starting right from the place in the stadium “The Lions Den” where our Lions step inside & go to the dressing room with Jersies Showcased All around & Digit Posters of our Star Players Showcased on the Walls.

The experience to be at the place where the players were, was SURREAL!!!

Starting from The Pavilion Terrace which is right in front of the Cricket pitch, is like a replica of what we see on Air at our Place.

Its the most amazing spot to Sit at & enjoy the match & cheering up on Fours & Sixes. Its feeling sitting right on the pitch.
Now after watching 10 Overs from the Pavilion Terrace & I moved onto the Premium Lounge which is right on the Top just like a Sound proof & Air Conditioned Cabin With a Glass to Enjoy the Complete Match like a Boss chilling & enjoying drinks served Right there Itself.

There were two different kinds of lounge experiences with one being the Team Lounge & the second one being even more Luxurious which is the BCCI Lounge.
Though both the Lounges were seperated by a Thin wall & the management was so remarkable that nobody was allowed to step inside the BCCI Lounge but I was still lucky enough to get a Sneek peak of the Lounge from Outside with the Sponsers & BCCI officials sitting & enjoying the match with a Luxurious Ambiance & a Full sized Buffet waiting to be served during the Match.
I was already feeling hungry, to i headed back to the Team Lounge and barged on the luxurious snacks they had to offer. Having Dinner was no less than an experience at a Luxury Hotel with a wide variety of Cuisines & Desserts being Served.

Finally, filly my pot belly I headed back to the match watched the second Innings with even more interest as the game twisted and turned into many more flavors.
Unfortunately ,my Home team lost the match but they did give their 100% & as always i was really proud of their Hardwork & Commitment.

What i personally felt is the Stands & the Pavilion give you a real feel of the Stadium & develop more interest in the Match & on the other Hand Sitting inside the Premium Lounges & Corporate boxes feels like a Luxurious Experience.

So, To all the Cricket Fans out there who have never been to a Stadium or who have had a normal Experience Watching a Match in the Stands,A premium Lounge is a must for you guys to experience once in a Lifetime.

Also, We love sharing our experiences with you guys and this one was indeed one of the bests so far.

Untill Next Time,

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